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FAQ [old]


How do I take care of my hardwood furniture?
For general cleaning, wipe with a clean and dry cloth. For deep cleaning, use a slightly damp cloth.

Do I need a box spring with my Keeps Bed?
No, The Keeps Bed is designed & engineered for your mattress to sit directly on top of the wooden slats, eliminating the need for a box spring.

Any other maintenance I should know about?
We recommend retightening the straps every 6–12 months to ensure your Keeps bed has a long and happy life.

Can I put my bed outdoors?
No, we don’t recommend using the bed outdoors. We did it for a photoshoot, not real life.

Can you do custom orders?
Not right now.

Do you offer discounts for large orders?
Quantity discounts start at 10 pieces. Email for more details.


When will my order ship?
We typically ship in-stock beds within 3–5 days via FedEx Ground.

Where do you ship?
Currently, we only ship to the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

Do you ship internationally?
Not right now. Someday (we hope)!

Do I have to be home for my delivery?
Nope! FedEx can leave your order at your doorstep if you aren’t home.


Where can I find assembly instructions?
They're waiting for you here.

How long does assembly take?
Once the parts are out of the box, assembly should take less than 10 minutes. (But, hey, it’s not a competition, so take all the time you need.)

How long does the disassembly take?
Roughly 10 minutes, with a little extra time to get it back in the box.

How do I use the straps?
Strap instructions are right here.


What is your return policy?
We accept refunds within 30 days of order receipt. You must have the original packaging in order to place your return. Please also note that shipping fees are non-refundable. 

Contact us at to place your return request. 

What about exchange policy?
We don’t offer exchanges at this time. If you’d like to exchange, we recommend returning your order and placing a new one. See above for more details.