Steps to assemble your Keeps Bed (with no tools)


A. Slats x 8

B. Center Support x 1

C. Side Boards x 2

D. End Boards x 2

E. Tension Straps x 4

F. Corner Legs x 4

G. Center Support Legs x 2

Corner Legs & Side Boards

Step 1

Attach corner legs (F)  to both ends of the side boards (C).

Corner Legs & Side Boards

Step 2

Lay down the attached parts (from Step 1), roughly an end board length apart.

End Boards

Step 3

Attach end board (D) to the corner legs (as assembled in Steps 1 and 2). 

End Boards

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 for the other side board.

Center Support

Step 5

Attach both center support legs (G) to the center support (B) by screwing them together.

Place the assembled center support piece in the middle of the bed frame.

Adjust the center leg height as needed by rotating the adjustable feet on each of the center legs.


Step 6

Place the first tension strap (E) by holding the tension strap ratchet inside the bed frame corner with the open ratchet facing towards the approximate center of the assembled bed frame. Feed the end of the strap out through the corresponding slot in the side board and feed the strap back into the corresponding slot in the end board. A correctly placed tension strap should have only the strap visible on the outside of the corner leg and the ratchet will remain inside the frame when completed.


Step 7

Feed the end of the strap into the ratchet until the strap is tensioned hand tight, and then begin to work the ratchet handle back and forth, increasing the tension on the strap, until resistance is felt to further work the ratchet handle.


Step 8

Roll up the remaining loose strap, hold it underneath the ratchet handle, and close the ratchet handle tight to hold the strap.


Step 9

Place each of the individual slats (A) on the bed frame being sure to fit the holes in each end of the slat over the corresponding pins in each of the sideboards. The slats may need to be firmly pushed into place to make contact fully with the side boards. 


Now center your mattress on the slats and you’re done!