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No Tools Assembly: Headboard [Freestanding]


A. Screws x 8 (suitable for Drywall, Plaster, Wood Studs)
B. French Cleat x 1
C. Headboard x 1
D. Handscrews x 4
E. Steel Crossbar x 1
F. Wood Bracket Legs x 2

Headboard Components

The Freestanding Mounting Bracket

Step 1

Fasten the Steel Crossbar (E) and the Wood Bracket Legs (F) using the Handscrews (D). Allow some slight adjustment room since the wall may not be perfectly flat.

Headboard Step 1


Step 2

Position the free-standing bracket at your preferred location. Ensure that the Wood Bracket Legs (F) are evenly making contact with the wall, then proceed to tighten the Handscrews (D) securely.

Headboard Step 2


Step 3

Hang the headboard (C) on to the freestanding bracket, and you're done!

Note: You’ll notice we included the Screws (A) and French Cleat (B) in your Headboard packaging. You won’t need them for now, but set these components aside in a safe place, you never know when you might want to wall-mount your Headboard in the future 🙂.

Headboard Step 3